Caribbean Microfinance Forum VI

Maureen Webber: Goddess of microfinance

SHE has been described as a powerhouse, a woman who has been dominating the microfinance arena, promoting economic and social inclusion of underserved young people, and helping small businesses to capitalise on their individual potential.

But getting there was never easy. The hallmark of brilliance and accomplishments that has always been associated with the Webber name was not always true for Maureen. Having failed her A'level examinations in high school, her father, who was a disciplinarian, scolded her for believing that she could underperform because she was privileged. His reaction to her less than glorious performance was not what many of his stature would have opted for -- he enrolled her in the National Youth Service (NYS) programme, which at the time was seen as an avenue for young people without money.

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